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School Bus Driver Training Manual

School Bus Driver Training Manual may be downloaded in its entirety:

Or by sections:

Section A
A-1 - A-8
  • Requirements for Program
  • School System's Responsibility
  • Driver Selection
  • Driver Responsibility
Section B - Instructional Strategies for the Bus Driver Trainer
B-1 - B-37
Section C - Regular Transportation
C-1 - C-121

Content Unit 1: Georgia Laws for School Bus Operation

  • Introduction
  • Review of Relevant Laws; Georgia 20 Code Section
  • Review of Relevant Laws; Georgia 40 Code Section
  • Review of Georgia Board of Education Rules

Content Unit 2: Traffic Control Devices Unit

  • Introduction
  • Traffic Signs
  • Traffic Signals
  • Roadway Markings

Content Unit 3: Driving the Bus - Handling Characteristics

  • Velocity, Centrifugal Force, Inertia and the School Bus
  • Effects of Friction and Gravity on Stopping a School Bus
  • Braking Distances
  • Mirror Adjustment
  • Driving the School Bus -- Basic Skills

Content Unit 4: Behind the Wheel Training Unit

  • Basic Skills
  • Intermediate Skills
  • Advanced Skills
  • Turns

Content Unit 5: Driver Discourtesies, Errors and Violations

Content Unit 6: Loading and Unloading Unit - October 2012

  • Introduction
  • Requirements/Recommendations for Bus Stop Locations
  • Sharing the Road with School Buses
  • The School Bus Danger Zone
  • Loading Students on Highways and Streets
  • Unloading Students on Highways and Streets
  • How to Load and Unload at a Turnaround or in a Cul-de-sac
  • When Not to Use the Eight-Way Light System
  • Unloading Students on the School Campus
  • Loading Students on the School Campus
  • Keeping Students Safe by Building Effective Relationships
  • Interacting with Parents at the School Bus Stop

Content Unit 7: Pre-Trip Inspection

  • Introduction
  • General Inspection
  • Under-the-Hood Inspection
  • Outside-the-Bus Inspection
  • Interior Inspection
  • Road Check

Content Unit 8: Post-Trip Inspection

  • Securing the Bus after the Route/Trip
  • Post-Trip Inspection
  • Post-Run Segment Check

Content Unit 9: Railroad Grade Crossing Unit

  • Introduction
  • Procedures for Crossing at the Grade
  • Problems at Railroad Grade Crossings

Content Unit 10: Accident Procedures Unit

  • Introduction
  • Accident Procedures

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