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Parent & Family Engagement Documents
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During Spring 2017, all Title I federally mandated documents were reviewed and revised by parents, teachers and community stakeholders. The FY18 Title I documents are listed below for your review at any time.  These documents were sent home with your student's registration packet this year.

Parents, grandparents and community stakeholders are asked to make any suggestions or comments regarding these documents to Family Engagement Coordinator Scarlet Sanders at scarlet.sanders@crawfordschools.org or give the written suggestions to your school Academic Coach.

 We appreciate your commitment to your child's education.



FY18 Title I Parent & Family Engagement Plans

The Crawford County Schools value the contributions and involvement of parents/guardians to establish an equal partnership for the common goal of improving student achievement. These plans describe the different ways that each Crawford County School will support family engagement and how families can help plan and participate in activities to promote student learning at school and at home.  


FY18 CCES Parent & Family Engagement Plan 

FY18 CCMS Parent & Family Engagement Plan 

FY18 CCHS Parent & Family Engagement Plan 

FY18 District (LEA) Parent & Family Engagement Plan


FY18 School-Parent-Student Compacts

As a part of the Parent & Family Engagement Plans, each school and parents developed the School-Parent-Student Compact, which is an agreement that parents, teachers, and students work together to make sure all our students reach grade-level standards.

Please return the signature page to your student's teacher by August 30, 2017, as this is a required document for Title I federal funding.

FY18 Pre-K School-Parent-Student Compact

FY18 Kindergarten School-Parent-Student Compact

FY18 First Grade School-Parent-Student Compact

FY18 Second Grade School-Parent-Student Compact

FY18 Third Grade School-Parent-Student Compact

FY18 Fourth Grade School-Parent-Student Compact

FY18 Fifth Grade School-Parent-Student Compact

FY18 CCMS School-Parent-Student Compact

FY18 CCHS School-Parent-Student Compact






Revision July 31, 2017


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