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Today's Top Stories
1. The Secret to Digital Innovation in the Liberal Arts
via Campus Technology
Liberal arts colleges are at something of a disadvantage in the pursuit of digital technology innovation because they don't have the size or resources of large research universities. But some are finding strength in numbers as they collaborate on projects involving MOOCs and other online learning strategies.
Why This Matters: Think technological innovation isn’t happening at small liberal arts schools? Think again. Read how institutions like Bryn Mawr and Davidson are embracing technology.
2. Putting Technology to Work for Transfer Students
via The EvoLLLution
With more than 12 million students now enrolled in community college programs across the country, the race is on to provide seamless transfer pathways from an associate’s degree to a bachelor’s degree. And in creating these pathways, four-year institutions are quickly coming around to the idea that digital technology is an essential component.
Why This Matters: Transfer students need a specialized kind of support that addresses their specific questions and needs, but online portals can help schools provide tailored access to campus services.
3. 3 ways tech-enabled financial aid fraud costs colleges – and how to curb it
via EdScoop
Online learning has opened the door to students who want more flexibility in their education. But the technology and systems that make online education accessible to students also make transactions between students and institutions more complex.
Why This Matters: In the world of online education, financial aid fraud has been cropping up as the downside to new levels of accessibility. It can impact schools financially and hurt an institution’s reputation. Read about technologies that can help stop these scammers in their tracks, from video authentication to keystroke biometrics.



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