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Request for Interpreter

Request for Interpreter procedure



Any time a notification goes out to announce a parent meeting the following will be included on the parent acknowledgement page:


In an effort to ensure information is disseminated to everyone who needs to know, please let us know if you need an interpreter.

                            ____ Yes, I need an interpreter in ____________________(language)


                                      ____________________________   date___________________



We will also include the following request for interpreter forms in our handbook for the 2017-2018 school year:


Request For Interpreter


            I _____________________ request an interpreter in ________________________language for

                                      (Your Name)                                                  (Language to be interpreted)


            _____________________________________ on _______________________.

                        (Event Name)                                                   (Date of the Event)



                                    (Signature)                                         (Date making the Request)




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