190 Crusselle St, Roberta, GA 31078

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Go Eagles!


Invitation to Bid: Crawford County Board of Education

Elementary School Roof Top HVAC Removal and Replacement


Scope of work: Disconnect all power and control wiring from RTU-1 after marking for re-install.

Disconnect drain lines and ductwork to a degree to facilitate removal of package unit from the roof top by crane. Dispose of existing RTU-1.

After roof work is completed (estimate 2 days), install new roof top HVAC unit and reconnect all ductwork, control wiring, and electrical connections. Start unit and verify proper operation in all modes. Re-seal all ductwork connections. 

New HVAC unit shall be Carrier brand or similar to existing unit to ease re-connection of ductwork. Unit shall be R410a equipped.

Anyone wishing to view on site unit and connections may contact Mike Campbell at (478) 550-6961 or Michael Baggarley at (478) 957-7085. 

All bids are to be delivered in a sealed envelope to Ms. Diane Fastiggi at the Crawford County Board of Education at 190 East Crusselle Street, Roberta, GA, or via mail at CCBOE, P. O. Box 8, Roberta, GA 31078 by Friday, January 20, 2017, at 2:00 PM. 


  • New HVAC heat pump
  • Labor to remove old unit and dispose of it
  • Labor to install new unit on roof approximately 2 business days after removal
  • Must coordinate HVAC work with CCBOE roof repairs by contract




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